Uses {{{uses}}}
Color Bright yellow or orangish yellow
Streak White
Luster Resinous or greasy
Diaphaneity {{{diaphaneity}}}
Cleavage Three,


Luster Resinous or greasy
Hardness 1.5-2.5
Specific Gravity 2.07
Distinguishing Characteristics {{{characteristics}}}
Crystal System Orthorhombic
Chemical Classification Element
Chemical Composition S

Sulphur is normally bright yellow or orangish yellow, and forms pyramidal or tabular crystals, encrustations, powdery coatings, and granular or massive aggregates. Most sulphur forms in volcanic fumaroles, but it can also result from the breakdown of sulphide ore deposits and occur in some sedimentary rocks. Its low thermal conductivity means sulphur crystals may shatter in the warmth of a hand and should never be immersed in water.


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