Mount Head
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Elevation 792 metres (2,598 feet)
Location Northumberland County, New Brunswick
Range Appalachian Mountains
Coordinates 47° 24′ 0″ N, 66° 52′ 0″ W
Topographic map NTS 21O/07

Mount Head is the third highest elevation in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Mount Head is a monadnock, an erosinal reminant of resistant ingenous rocks that remained after an ancient Mesozoic peneplain surface was uplifted in the Cenozoic to form a plateau. Erosion from glaciers, water, wind has eroded the mountains for hundreds of millions of years. The mountain consists of 400 million-year-old rhyolitic and basaltic volcanics. The underlying rocks of Mount Head are part of the Gaspé Belt. This mountain is about 1 mile from Mount Carleton the New Brunswick Highlands highest peak.

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