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This is the Geology wikia, hosted by Wikia. The goal is to create a peer reviewed online encyclopedia, useful for students and professionals alike. Please see the About Geology Wiki page.

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Corundum is a mineral that is commonly used as a gemstone. It is one of the hardest minerals at 9 on the Mohs Scale. Corundum can be found in many colors, such as white, but can be found in the form of minerals like rubies and sapphires in different colors. Corundum is commonly used industrially for things such as abrasives and machine parts.

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A picture of the Mount Carleton in New Brunswick.

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Geology (from Greek γη- (ge-, "the earth") and λογος (logos, "word", "reason")) is the science and study of the solid matter of the earth, its composition, structure, physical properties, history and the processes that shape it. It is one of the Earth sciences.

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