The Lexicon of Philippine Stratigraphic Names is a necessary companion publication to the Philippine Stratigraphic Guide, a product of the work by the Committee on Stratigraphic Nomenclature of the Geological Society of the Philippines which was presented during GEOCON 2000, in December of 2000 and subsequently published in the January-June issue of the Journal of the Geological Society of the Philippines (Vol. 56, p. 1-30).

The preparation of the Lexicon was initiated by Rolando Peña , Chairman of the Committee on Stratigraphic Nomenclature of the Geological Society of the Philippines , and was intended to update an earlier Lexicon by the late Juan S. Teves of the Bureau of Mines in 1954 which was presented during the 19th International Geological Congress (IGC) at Paris, France in 1956.

To remove ambiguity in the use of stratigraphic terms, this Lexicon compiled by Peña has adhered closely with the definition of the different categories of stratigraphic units in the Philippine Stratigraphic Guide and International Stratigraphic Commission, and gives additional information on the evolution of the nomenclature and updates on the age of the rock units.

Field geologists involved in mapping on a local or regional scale may do well to consult the Lexicon to determine whether the stratigraphic name he is proposing has previously been used, or to propose amendments in case previous terminology failed to satisfy the criteria for discriminating between classes of stratigraphic units and the proper nomenclature to apply. More so if it is the intention of the investigator to publish his work.

Stratigraphic groupingsEdit

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