Uses Graphite pencils, zinc-carbon batteries, powders etc.
Color Iron-black to steel-gray; deep blue in transmitted light
Streak Black
Luster Metallic, earthy
Diaphaneity Opaque, transparent only in extremely thin flakes
Cleavage Basal – perfect on {0001}
Luster Metallic, earthy
Hardness 1-2
Specific Gravity 2.09–2.23 g/cm3
Distinguishing Characteristics Easy to recognize by lust and hardness, can be scratched with a nail
Crystal System Hexagonal dihexagonal dipyramidal
Chemical Classification Native element
Chemical Composition C

Graphite is a very common rock and it is used for pencil lead; can also be made in mills across the world but these mills need to have certain necessities for the Graphite to form. Graphite, like Diamond, is made of carbon, but with different structures.