Type Elemental Mineral
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Cobalt is found in many other elemental minerals such as Lead, Copper, Iron, Silver, and Nickel. Cobalt is often found in meteorites. The atomic number of Cobalt is 27 and its atomic weight is 58.9332. It is a brittle, hard surfaced metal slightly resembling Iron and Nickel.


It is often alloyed with iron and nickel to form an alloy called Alnico. Alnico has a very strong magnetic force and has many important uses. There are other alloys that contain Cobalt that are extremely hard and are used for cutting or for dies. Cobalt is also used in stainless steels and for building jet turbines or engines. Cobalt has been used for centuries to produce pottery, glass or porcelain and enamels.

Other FactsEdit

Cobalt is often sold and the prices varies from $1-10/ea, depending on the use or what its purpose is.

Exposure to Cobalt should be limited, because the fumes found in it could be fatal if large amounts of the fumes are inhaled. Which is unhealthy and could be deadly.

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