Formula: Ni3Fe System:    Isometric     Colour:    Silver White to grayish ... Lustre:    Metallic     Hardness:  5 Name: For the locality near Awarua Bay, New Zealand.

Type Occurrence of AwaruiteEdit

Type Locality:    Gorge river, South Island, New Zealand Place of Conservation of Type Material:    Geological Survey of New Zealand, Lower Hutt, New Zealand, P21969. Year of Discovery:    1885==Occurrences of Awaruite== Geological Setting:    River placers, serpentinized peridotites, meteorites


Physical Properties of AwaruiteEdit

Lustre:    Metallic Diaphaneity (Transparency):    Opaque Colour:    Silver White to grayish white Hardness (Mohs):    5 Hardness (Vickers):    VHN50=265 - 380 kg/mm2 Comment:    Higher Ni content is softer Tenacity:    Malleable Density (measured):    7.8 - 8.22 g/cm3 Density (calculated):    7.74(127) g/cm3==Chemical Properties of Awaruite== Formula: Ni3Fe Essential elements:    Fe, Ni All elements listed in formula:    Fe, Ni Analytical Data:    South Fork, Smith River, California, USA.

Ni (76.60) Fe (21.45) Co (1.19) Cu (0.66) S (0.06) P (0.04) Total (100.00)

Common Impurities:    Co,Cu,S,P,Si on Facebookology_page on Twitter | on Facebook

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