Aspy Fault

Aspy Fault as seen from the Cabot Trail lookout.

The Aspy Fault is a fault that runs through 40 kilometers of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Part of the fault runs through the Cape Breton Highlands national part it is often thought to be part of the Great Glen Fault. This fault runs southward from Cape North through the Margaree Valley. Evidence shows movement in this fault dating back to the Ordovician period. Erosion and the presence of this fault have created much of the scenery we know as the Cape Breton Highlands these days. The Aspy River runs along this fault creating a spectacular canyon. Though noticeable earthquakes along this fault are rare, they do happen.

Observing Edit

People wishing to see this fault can get good views of it along the Cabot Trail. There is one lookout looking directly over the fault. Also in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is the Wilkie Sugarloaf trail this trail heads up 3km and looks over the Aspy Fault plateau. This trail is very difficult and it is recommended you bring sturdy shoes and a fair amount of water.

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