An abyssal hill is a small hill that rises from the floor of an abyssal plain. They are the most abundant geomorphic structures on the planet Earth, covering more than 30% of the ocean floors.[1] Abyssal hills have relatively sharply defined edges and climb to heights of no more than a few hundred meters. They can be from a few hundred meters to kilometers in width. A region of the abyssal plain that is covered in such hill structures are termed an "abyssal-hills province". However, abyssal hills can also appear in small groups or in isolation.[2]

The greatest abundance of abyssal hills occurs on the floor of the Pacific Ocean.[1] These Pacific Ocean hills are typically 50–300 m in height, with a width of 2–5 km and a length of 10–20 km.[3] They are created along the flanks of the East Pacific Rise as horsts and graben features, then become stretched out with the passage of time.[1]



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